You need to do this before you check-in at a hotel

What would you do if you are at a hotel, the RO system fails, and the personnel doesn’t answer your demand for fresh drinkable water? Don’t find yourself in this uncomfortable situation, read these advices before it’s too late.

Find online reviews and pay attention to the bad ones

It may sound obvious for some people, but this is the best way to know whether the place you are about to visit will turn your trip into a dream or a nightmare.

People will share every thought online. Think about it, if someone takes the time to write about a place he or she just visited it’s for a reason. Some people may say the hotel is the best place on earth, but you better read the ones saying it’s not. This way you will know exactly how high are the chances of getting a reservation at the wrong place.

If there are too many people saying you shouldn’t go, pay attention to them and move on to the next beautiful resort.

Ask questions to your host, a lot of questions!

You are paying for a place to stay, and the person behind the chat box who is helping you decide whether to take the suite or the cabana knows it too, his only goal is to make the sale and, in most cases, your problems don’t matter to him.

That’s why you should take your time to ask a lot of questions about the place. Ask about security issues, ask about the food, the windows, the water supply system and everything that comes to your mind, he will have to answer, and you will be listening, looking for weaknesses in his speech.

Finally, listen to this guy, he has a lot of expreience:

These tips may sound simple for you, but they are powerful enough to help you on your next trips. Use them and enjoy the traveling experience staying in a place that fits all of your needs.

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