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Sportsmen and women generally have no limitations when it comes to seeking out new adventures. From the race car driver to the adrenaline junkie, all can find unique destinations that have a mix of both outdoor fun and travel.

1. The Water Sports Junkie



Watersports an impressive blend of both fun and adventure. All you need is a bathing suit and some sunscreen and you are good to go to the beach.

Best Scuba Diving Destination

Hawaii is the best water-sports destination on the planet. It hosts the worlds most experienced scuba-divers complete with beautiful scenery and warm waters for both beginner and expert level scuba divers.

Best Kayaking Destination

For an exotic and unique excursion, visit Kadavu Island in Fiji. 97 percent of Fiji’s 709,000 square kilometers is water, meaning there’s more than enough room for everyone to paddle and have some fun.

Best Surfing Destination

If surfing is your thing, you should visit ‘surfer’s paradise’ in Gold Coast Australia. 70 km of beach sand awaits you as well as the Superbank. It is known to be the world’s finest break.

Best Swimming Destination

Phi Phi islands in Thailand provides the prime location for casual water sports. The highlights include clear blue skies and clearer ocean waters. The beautiful beaches create an atmosphere of utmost serenity.

2. The Outdoorsy Person

Mountain climbing


Extreme sports fanatics can get the chance to thrive in the following destinations. All you need is a pair of boots, a coat, and a big brave heart.

Best Rock Climbing Destination

Rock climbing the Sandstone desert in Utah will be sure to get your heart racing. Not only is it fun, but the scenery is breathtaking.

Best Hiking Destination

The Inca Trail in Peru is the epitome of hikes. It boasts an impressive 26 miles of ruins surrounded by gorgeous mountains. Machu Picchu is a must-see destination.

Best Biking Destination

The Italian Dolomites is the best biking site out there. The curved streets are every biker’s fairytale. It offers 2000+ meter peaks as well as espresso.

Best Skiing Destination

When it comes to cold-weather sports, you can’t go wrong with Switzerland.  It is also home to the most distinctive mountain on the planet, Matterhorn.

 3. The Not so Adventurous Adventurer

Yoga session


If you want to keep fit without all the fuss of skiing or biking outdoors then these are the places you should visit. If you seek adventure without risking your life, pack some workout outfits right now and get ready to go.

Best Yoga Destination

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica offers the best place for yoga sessions. Where the water is always warm and the vegetation is evergreen. The Hot yoga studios there are as common as the juice shops.

Best Long Distance Running Destination

The Patagonia International Marathon in Chile is every marathoner’s dream. Torres del Pain National Park is home to massive glaciers, lagoons, and granite-mountains up to 2,500 high.

Ultimately, when it comes to traveling do what is within your budget and is something that you truly enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try something new for a change. Stepping out of your comfort zone will challenge you to improve your mental health.  The physical activity will only last for a few moments but the memories you make will forever be a part of you.

Happy travels. 🙂

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